Facebook user With the Name – Philips Nonny Posted That God Is a Scam That he have not earn Anything From Him ever Since He Know him , He Also Said God is not Exist That People Shouls Stop Worshiping Something That Is not Exist That Everybody Should Come To Lucifer -God Is Fake Said My Mr Philips Nonny

Lets Talk About this

First – Your Name is Philips Which Is from The Holy Bible And Am Very Sure That the Holy Philip Is Totally Disappointed On You

Second – He said He have not Earn Anything Ever Since He know God , But He Is Still Alive Breathing Normally When Many People are Dead And Some are In the Hospital why many is crying for help to see Money To Pay For Hospital Bills

This Young Man Wake Up And See Food To Eat with no Excuses or Hospitality Reports Or , Medical Attentions Or Even Beg To Satisfy His satisfactions

He is not Blind – Cripple – Deaf Or Dumb

Am Very Sure that this Man Sees People Who Blind and still Pray , People Who Cripple and Still Pray People Who Has a lots Of Diseases (HANDCAP) And Still Pray , People Who Sleep Under Bridge Early Morning There Wake and Thank The lord , He Knows That Death Dont Care About Your Money or your age Or Even Who Ever You Are But He Is Still Alive to Type This Well – God Said They shall Not Judge So i only make a Common sense – And may Almighty God Forgive You In Jesus Name -AMEN

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