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On September 22, We have a guest who humbly came to us to express his concern on what is happening in his own town and local government, A Young Man Identified as Chidiebere Clinton Onumajuru Popularly known with (Chydo Lawrence) Have something to tell the world about what is happening and what happened in his town at Oguta local Government Area of Imo State ,

Chidiebere Clinton Onumajuru
( Chydo Lawrence) 🗣


The Tales of Darkness in Izombe. Oguta LGA Imo State. Counting down from 2014 Mr Obiwuru Amah and his family have been a huge target of bandits in the community. Amah obiwuru Eugenics was someone that has always stood for peace and equality, as a good leader of Umuokwu he made sure everything was in a proper space, but this caused the bad people in the community to try every means to get him off the throne so they can take over since he did not condone their evil practices, they needed someone in their circle to be the king do they can start doing all the evil things with no one questioning them, their aggressive quest for power caused them to attack Mr Obiwuru Amah in while he was driving with his son Amah Chibuike in his Nissan car while some group of people in two cars blocked him. dragged Mr Amah down and started beating him and using objects on him like knife and all sort of weapons to hit on him, it ended in a heavy blood shed and they left him helpless on that spot. somehow he managed to get into the car and drove to the nearest hospital. yet it didnt stop there, when they heard the information that Mr Obiwuru was in the hospital and he wasnt dead, their leader launched another attack to the hospital but mr Obiwurus friend knew the son was the next target if they got Mr Obiwuru so he quickly rushed his son out to the nearest state and no one knew what exactly happened again until few months when he called home to speak with his mother and she told him that Mr Obiwuru was dead and anywhere he is. He should go even far and never come back because she dont want to lose him too. this was how the son of Mr Obiwuru flew all the way to Libya, from enquiries he was just entering from bus to bus trying to be very far from home. from Libya he somehow found himself in Italy to take refuge. After the whole incident Izombe has somehow maintained peace until the recent outburst., the recent incidents began again last year by the security Forces in IMO state on October 7th 2021, There was a disagreement over bunkering activities between youths and soldiers in the Izombe community of Oguta LGA of Imo State, Southeast Nigeria, soon escalated into violence after one Chukwunonso known as Obelem who is my cousin brother was killed, he has been agitating for the death of his father who went to farm and never came back again for over 2 years with all efforts seemed abortive which we believe it was the same people that killed my dad that abducted his dad too because we are cousins, because of that he has led a portion of the youths to stop all illegal activities and remove bad leaders to create a safe Umuokwu as things was going out of hand but on that mission he was killed by the security people hired from the same bad leaders. he is the son of the soil of Umuokwu-Izombe and was killed by soldiers who were in the community. Imo State is one of the oil-producing states in Nigeria, and Izombe is an oil-rich community, the soldiers were involved to stop the protest against bad leaders that has destroyed the community with their selfish interest. instead of the soldiers to sort it out with this harmless unarmed youths, they rather shooting amidst the heated disagreement thereby killing a youth known as Obelem. which i have stated that is my cousin. Enraged by this action, some youths at the scene out of anger and frustration of watching their brothers murdered in cold blood, overpowered the military personnels, took their guns, burnt their vehicle, and killed two of them. The situation led to reinforcements, which saw some soldiers allegedly enter the community in retaliation with over 18 Hilux vans carrying petrol, and three war tanks. Before they came, there has already been so much panic in the village leading to the Umuokwu community people running to nearest communities for safety, so when the soldiers came and didnt see people to kill and fulfill their plans. they started taking revenge on the properties and everything within their reach.
So that resulted to the burning of houses by the army, leading to the displacement of many who are now homeless. On that process even some sick people that was not able to run to the nearest villages and older persons got burnt inside their own house, it was a true disaster to behold. A loving peaceful oil rich community turned to ashes in 24 hours. This has displaced so many people that at the time of this post, a lot of persons dont have anywhere to live, one year later, this is a village that 80% of total population depends on farm products to survive on daily basics. where are they expected to raise millions to start rebuilding houses of which most of them were inheritance from forefathers, the present Nigeria environment doesnt even allow anyone to make much legally unless you want to be a criminal, these are people surviving through farming even though they have oil, the government only take advantage and barely does nothing for Umuokwu Community. After few days of these Incident, the Imo governor came to Umuokwu Izombe to inspect the level of destruction caused by the Soldiers. He promised to make up a team that will take charge in rebuilding and repairing the destroyed things in izombe, Since October last year till this moment nothing has been done to savage this situation as people are still in pains, homeless, hungry and grieving their lost ones. My family is still the most targeted because my dad was not a part of their evil before they killed him, all of our houses is burnt and my mom is currently on the run to another community where she found shelter . it has been many years of sorrows and sadness in my community and for me personally as the number one target. Not withstanding the shocking thing that happened last year in Izombe, just last month a group of security personnel set up by the Imo state government known as Ebube Agu invaded the community of Izombe amidst the masquerade Celebration, started harassing youths, arrested many, beat up many, about 3 lives lost, houses and cars and a lot of houses was burnt in the Ugbele and umuokwu community of Izombe coupled with that already done disaster by the Nigerian army, more houses and things destroyed in addition to the ones that are yet to be fixed as the governor has failed to fulfill his promises to the UMUOKWU Izombe people. Izombe is now the most unsafe village in the whole of Oguta LGA of Imo State. with many people running away and seeking asylum in the nearest communities out of fear and murder, many are homeless, famine is the order of the day, it is such a devastating situation to behold. the People of Umuokwu and Izombe at large urge the iMO STATE government to stop all this and restore back the peace and everything lost in Izombe and stop the manhunt that is happening everyday, none of the youths sleeps with their eyes closed again because of the fear of the unknown, we call on Gov. Hope Uzodinma to take care of this situation before iZOMBE COMMUNITY gets wiped out, Izombe is one the community keeping Imo State afloat with their oil. they dont deserve such wickedness happening around them, Restore Izombe now.⊃

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Happening in Imo state


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