Nigeria House Wife Feel Disappointed As Her Husband Reply To Her After She Saw Her Sex Object (DIDO) Inside Her Maid Room And Raise Alarm Not Knowing That Her Husband is Back ..

Mrs Folake By Name Is the Wife of the house so when Oga Wasn’t around She Satisfy  her Feelings With A Sex Object Call Dido So on 13th May 2020 She Was Horney And She wanted to Satisfy her self As Usually But To her Greatest Surprise That She can’t find it in The place she hide it So She don’t Know how to ask Her Maid if She saw something like that Or Her Kids But she Went Straight To the Maid room for proper Check and tell the maid that she is Looking for a Key Till she Saw what she have been looking for Then she Started Shouting at The Girl Why will she keep sub Object in her House then Surprisingly Her Husband Appear And Say STOP Shouting For This Girl Because I have been Seeing This Stupid Object Under the Wordrop but I keep it for my self Because I know u got it because I can’t Last Longer Anymore As Usual But is Fine But Don’t Shout at This Innocent Girl because if She didn’t see you With it she will not Attempting Of Taking talk more of Keeping it for her self …

Now Wife is Claiming That Her husband Have been Sleeping with The maid that’s why He is defending her and also the reason why he can’t Last Longer on Bed anymore..

Please You people should Advice this Family 


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