Ex Girlfriend Reported ex Boy friend who Refused to Resend the Money She Mistakenly Send to his Account
According to her she Said she saved his ex boyfriend friend As Beneficiary Now her last month Salary she wanted to Send to Her Parents Now she mistakenly send it to Him And Her Ex Refused to resend the money due to #Covid19 Lockdown .. the man said thank you sweetie for this Financially Assistant and More lovely Massages included

As the Lady Got Mad She send a massage begging The Ex to Resend the money and also gave him the reason for that money the man Still refused Then She report the case To Her Father who is a native Doctor in the Village.. the Father Only Requested For His picture and His name Now the Ex Boyfriend have Resend the sun of 150k back to The lady upon the mistakenly Transaction was just 50k but she was surprise as she saw 150k With A latter of Apology
And the Man Is seriously down And Sick


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