Akhigbe Sylars Precious fondly called Bro. Sy Is a Lagos based gospel artiste, with great inspirational and gospel tunes to his credit. Some of his works are Golgotha(Not another Easter), Oh Nigeria(The Debut track) and some Commercials/Jingles for several companies & churches as well as several movie sound designs and scores.

According to the singer his recent co- project “Jahovah ” was borne out of personal testimony of God’s faithfulness.


Verse 1(Sylars):

I don’t know how to explain
How much he loves me
You are the God of Elijah
The one that make me smile
Oba awi mayehun (eulogy to God)
Oromo nise fayati (eulogy to God)
Jingbiniti Awuwomasegbe (eulogy to God)
I can not but trust (2xce)

Jahovah (2xce)
You dey for my case o
Na you I go dey follow (DAL.)

Verse 2(T.Most):

Jahovah bless me I wanna take u e
Jahovah blessings na everlasting e
Abasi ayaya
Abasi iyo kesong
Jesus you are so good
Songsong obong eyung

Chorus: (Sylars)
Jahovah (2xce)
You dey for my case o
Na you I go dey follow (DAL.)


Okaka binigwe
Ebube dike daddy me (DAL.)


Contact Sylars:

TWITTER: @iamsylars
INSTAGRAM: @iamsylars WHATSAPP: 08080437622.


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  1. Make sense diie… big ups to Sanctified Sylars and crew. So Sylars, no be only biology you know?!!!

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