[NEWS-ALERT]-LMAO!! See The 11 Incredibly POWERFUL And HILARIOUS Prayers Every Nigerian Must Say Everyday

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The kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and violent men take it by force. This is how Nigerians pray.

Nigerians can pray and they can be very dramatic when they pray. You cannot blame them because to survive in this country, one needs to hold on to some higher power.

When Nigerians pray, they do not mince words. When you see them pray, you see them shouting, screaming, sweating and you would be wondering if they are fighting with their maker.

In Nigeria, if someone has a problem, the best solution you will get from others is to take it to God in prayer.

Since surviving in Nigeria needs so much prayers, here are some powerful prayers points you will need this year.

1. May I be connected to my helper like Olajumoke.

We can never forget the story of Olajumoke who went from being a bread seller to a model and ambassador for online shopping brand, Pay Porte.

2. May God freeze my enemies like MMM.

Since the popular Ponzi scheme froze participants account in December 2016, they have not been able to get their money back. It has been one story after the other. Same thing should happen to your enemies.

3. Just like the APC swept the PDP in 2015, may every economic recession be swept away.

After the Peoples Democratic Party which ruled Nigeria for 16 years was overthrown by the All Progressives Congress in 2015, they have been struggling to make a come back.

4. May God surprise me like Donald Trump.

Many never expected Trump to win the US presidential election but he did surprisingly.

5. Every enemy chasing me from the village, may they drown like the Egyptians.

Who can forget the story of how the Egyptians and their chariots drowned in the red sea?

6. Even when I make mistakes, may I not be sacked like Kemen in this economic recession.

Sure, Kemen of Big Brother Nigeria will never forgive himself for getting disqualified from the game because of a woman.

7. May my joy never be unstable like the naira.

With the Nigerian currency, you will never know. Today it is appreciating, the next day it is depreciating.

8. While others are crying about economic recession, may my bank alert be gbagam like Psquare.

When you get to that point where your account balance keeps growing and your cheque does not bounce.

9. May my success story trend like the other room.

Nigerians can never forget β€˜the other room’. It trended so much on social media as many kept wondering what room President Muhammadu Buhari was referring to when he said his wife Aisha belonged to the other room.

10. May I not be stuck in Lagos traffic while God is blessing others.

If you have ever been stuck in one of those horrific Lagos traffic, you will know that β€œkhaki no be leather.”

11. May trouble never find me like Stephanie Otobo found Apostle Suleman.

That is how Apostle Johnson Suleman was on his own and Stephanie Otobo decided it was high time she exposed him. The saga is still on.

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