Many artists have been spoiling and pampering themselves with gifts and all. however,  only a  few of them have been to afford the luxury of getting a car in the year 2018.


He tops the list for his record of buying two cars in 2018. He started the year by making a solid purchase of a Bentley bentayga . he showed off his brand new car via an Instagram post he made thanking Bentley Atlanta for a smooth purchase. This happened some month before he bought his girlfriend Choima a porshe.


Not quite long ago, specifically some days to Sallah, Nigerian rapper announced his new ride which he bought as a Sallah gift for himself. The rapper decided that a Mustang G7 fastback is the perfect reward for his hard work


You all might think the line “ma shey testimony timba ra posh” is just the lyrics to a song. Well, that was also the caption the singer used alongside the photo he shared via his Instagram page showing his porshe to the world. From the photo he shared we could see that even used his name as plate number for his car.


Not so long after acquiring a brand new house in a high browse area in Lekki, the singer also acquired a new car. He took to his Instagram page to announce that he just joined the” Benz gang” and to thank god for his brand new Mercedes Benz.


Despite his inability to capture the heart of the entertainment industry in Nigeria like his southeastern counterparts did with their indigenous music. The young stud just acquired himself a Dutch challenger.

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