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HABAKLEF MEDIA |Β  Our online interview with Mr Chinedu Akwaeke CEO Umuchu Alanso Details(UAD).

What we gathered from him read as followsπŸ‘‡

My name is Mr Chinedu Ezekwike (Ogbuefi Akwaeke), I am a native of Ugwuakwu village Umuchu in Aguata local government area Anambra state.

I was born on 18th June 1984, in the family of late Chief Ezekiel Ezekwike from Amaba kindred, Ugwuakwu village Umuchu.

I secured my first school living certificate at St Thomas primary school Umuchu in the year 1990. I proceeded to secondary school at Ozara Akukwa Technical School Umuchu in the year 1996-2002.

I joined higher institution in the year 2014, which i am still on it now, as a part-time student at Tansian University Umunya (Oba Extension) hoping to finish by next year 2019. I am student of political science department, FACULTY OF ART SCIENCES.

Our correspondent went further to ask Mr Chinedu when UAD group on Facebook was created read as followsπŸ‘‡

UAD group was created by Ogbuefi Akwaeke in October 2014, this initiative was actualised under the inspiration of Holy Spirit, by the grace of God we have using this initiative to bring hope to the hopeless and to the less privilege.

Our correspondent asked Mr Chinedu to tell us the challenges he face as the group CEO. Read as followsπŸ‘‡

My challenge / experience, in my own little experience i discovered that to rule Human beings are very had to compare to animals. You can easily control elephant even Lion than human beings, my Challenge’s as a leader ” I can boldly tell you that every leader must face a challenge, such as insult, blackmailing, conspiracy, negligence, humiliation, etc. But what makes you a real leader is your ability to overcome those problems. How do we solve those problems (1) wisdom (2) prayer (3) determination, etc.

Finally We asked Mr Chinedu Awkaeke to Advice the world at large read as followsπŸ‘‡

My advice to all the leaders in the whole world……. ” You cannot be a role model until you play your roles very well, and if you are destined to reign, you must reign or rather people will gossip with your name in other to fulfil God’s promises on you.

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