A 24-year-old woman claims Chris Brown raped her on the night of the 15th & 16th of January, 2019 after meeting at a nightclub in France. The woman filed a complaint to the police claiming that Brown invited her to his hotel room at Le Mandarin Oriental along with another woman.

However, in her testimony, she claims that she ended up in a single room with Chris Brown where she claims she was raped. She also alleges that Chris Brown’s bodyguard and his friend also abused her. Paris parquet has already opened a case and began investigating into the claims that he raped her at his hotel.

Breezy has yet to release a statement on the allegations.

Brown has another sexual assault-related lawsuit to attend to in North America. The singer was sued for an alleged sexual assault committed by his friend at the “Undecided” singer’s mansion. While Breezy himself isn’t accused of sexual assault, the woman claimed he provided cocaine, molly and other drugs for the guests.

Brown has maintained his innocence and demanded that the judge cancel the case as it is a waste of time.

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