The story of Tagbo’s death has taken a new turn and this time, Davido‘s legal solicitors have made an attempt to nip the issue in the bud and finally clear the singer off his alleged involvement in Tagbo’s death. Davido’s lawyer recently released video footage showing what happened during Tagbo’s last moments, when he was exiting the premises of Shisha room after hanging out with Davido.

The visual shows a wildly drunk Tagbo, whose friends were trying to guide him to safety. The visual shows distinctly that Tagbo did not leave with Davido, as against the claim by the singer’s accusers that Tagbo died in Davido’s car. The video is expected to majorly influence the direction of the judgement of the case and perhaps change the perception of some observers, most likely in favor of Davido. However, some people still think this footage is not enough to vindicate Davido, tell us what you think?

Watch video below.


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