New Song From Loribee is a native of Bonny LGA River state. Her name is Boma John Brown. She is a graduate of the University of Jos. She also got a Distinction in one of the Prestigious Institution English Grammar and Pronunciation in Broadcasting. Presently, she is a TV Presenter. She is the President of Loribee Foundation. Her Passion for music and acting made her deviate from Journalism into Entertainment Industry.

She has released 3 hit tracks in Riverstate Titled “Celebration”, Rap track titled “Please” and “PORTHARCOURT WOMAN”. What inspired her to write Portharcourt woman was the motherly roles her mother played before her sudden demise. Rivers women in Diaspora gave her inspiration to write these beautiful Lyrics in song.

She is a fast-rising artist who intends to go beyond the shores of Riverstate as she is multi-Talented. She does gospel, Rap, Pop, highlife, Dancehall and Reggae She is a Classical Soprano Singer who sings along with Violin. She hopes to have Collabo with Popular Musicians in and outside Nigeria. And also get a record label.

Portharcourt woman is dedicated to her mother and every Rivers woman and Ladies who at a point has lived or Visited River state.



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