Nigeria Vibrant Actor Zubby Michael Explains Reason Why He Break Up With Odumeje,

He said

I know A Lots Of People Are Wondering Why I said What I said About My Brother  And a Friend Chukwu Emeka Odumeje . So I want to Tell every one That I did not Denied him He is my Brother and a Friend But One Thing I will never Tolerate Is To be a Friend to Person Who don’t Have Respect for His Elders . How can you Stand and Challenge a whole Lion of Africa For a Fight .. How can you Said There are Useless how can You say his Child are Useless Is it your Business? , Pericoma Is one of the Legend of Igbo Land .. So He Deserve Respect Dont Mention Any Family Just to get attention of people Am Totally Disappointed At Odumeje When I called him and Advised him but He Understand it Wrongly If Your My Friend And You Think I cant Advise You Then your not a Good Friend .. Leave People Family Alone And Face Your So Call Church I wouldn’t Have Expose this Conversation but to my Greatest Surprise that People now said He is The one That made me what I am

I Repeat I was Only Invited to Do all That There Am An Entertainer so he paid me for it So please stop saying he made me what I am Because he did not made himself what he is Today Talk more of Me Zubby .. People Knows me Before Him Think before you talk ..


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