A Married Woman by the Name Elizabeth From Edo Who Married in the Year 2001 and Gave Birth to A Girl But Later Divorce And  married Again in the Year 2016 And Never Give Birth yet ., Her 2nd Husband by the name Echezona Who Is from Enugu But Stay in Lagos with his Wife and The Daughter Then Severally The Woman is Complaining of The way the husband is behaving Toward her Daughter like taking her Out and Buy her some Special Things and lovely Items But never Done anything like that to the wife Mrs Elizabeth then The wife have complained Severally but the daughter and the Father said Nothing is So Special between Them just Love her like his own Daughter.. But Still not Cool for mrs Elizabeth Till she Became Too Jealous that lead to Killing her Only Child Because she need Her man Attention and Caring Now the Father of the Daughter is Now Presenting the Case to Court

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