Nigeria Guy Angrily Reject A Car Gift From A Lady He Sponsored From Junior Secondary School Till She Finish University According To the Guy 

He Said :;

If I Accept this car gift know that I am not a man ., I Sacrificed  My heart my soul my love my destiny and my life Just to make sure she finished school then I get her married. I Served My Master Seven Good Years And I have been sponsoring her even when I am under my master till I was settled and I gave my settlement money to Cynthia For her to pay her fees and Get a hostel and also stock her Kitchen I am not stupid by doing that but because I love her with all my heart .
Ok after I gave her the money I didn’t go back to village but I have to stay with one of my friend Emeka who have a shop And I beg him for me to serve him for sometime and he agreed but he was angry with me for giving Cynthia my destiny.. but I see it as nothing to my surprise that When Cynthia want to  Graduate She didn’t invite me for the Graduation Celebration But I hard it from a friend of her that the graduation will take place soon then when I ask Cynthia she said she forgot to invite me I also see it as nothing then when I went there for the celebration I saw a lots of Guys with cars who Where spreading money on Cynthia Congratulating her and When I Arrived Cynthia Act As if She don’t know me She don’t even Gave me Attention . Her friend Also feel Bad the way she treated me Then I have to go meanwhile I wasn’t invited then when I asked Cynthia why did she behave that way she said she did not see me then I decided to forget about it but within 2 weeks after graduation I saw a post on Facebook Where Cynthia is celebrating her Engagement Ring 💍 I Was Shocked And I was totally mad then I have to call Cynthia she did not peak I have to travel to there town for me to see there parents but to my surprise that her mother don’t feel comfortable seeing me after everything her dad said he will talk to her then after 3DAYS I called Cynthia and she peaked and say please I should not be offended that she knows she hurts me but please I should try and understand that she love the Guy she is about to marry ., I was Totally disappointed to the extend that i nearly committed Suicide But all thanks To Emake who Saved me from Death ., Then I have to start Bearing the pain For complete one year till now but I still feel Ashamed of my self and I will never take this car gift because I may Die on it the person who presents the gift have Evil Mind And she may have another plan of killing me physically..


What is your Advice For This Man

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