Two matured ladies caught fighting over one happy married guy man who no even recognize them

One miss Folake and miss tobi turn agege market to WWE RING  Over an innocent married man(Mr Ik) who don’t even know that one of them have crush on him ., So the story goes this way according to Folake  she said on January 2021 she told tobi that mr Ik took her out on a date and give her some money and also plan to go another on feb Val day .. so on feb 14 Tobi went out and also took pictures WITH IK All because of she told her that tobi is her man  … Then Tobi said that

she went to Instagram and took Ik picture and photo shop it with her pictures just to hurt the folake because folake also dated her ex boyfriend a week after her break up with her ex then tobi did that and claimed that mr Ik also took her out on date also

on Val 2021 tobi and her new boyfriend went out for Val and also took some pictures then tobi still came back and photoshop the picture with Ik face then ever since then Folake have been looking for this tobi so that she will explain how and why she will snatch her boyfriend IK then today Folake jam Tobi inside Abeg market then There decided to entertain the marketers with a fight .. then after everything one mr sam who came to the market with folake angrily exposed the matter for everybody make them hear .. and tell people that even mr IK don’t know miss Folake.. that’s when miss tobi confessed that she don’t even know mr Ik physically that she did that because of the hurt… of dating her ex .. now the question is who is very more stupid on this story ?

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