All pastors and members are advised to comply with the Covid-19 restriction orders, as they apply in each state of our nation Nigeria.

By the grace of God, the current relaxation of the lockdown will soon result in total removal of the lockdown, as the Church of Christ continues to engage on the altar of prayer. In the name of Jesus Christ, coronavirus will soon become history across the nations of the earth

To the glory of God, as at date, we have received 36 testimonies of healing of Coronavirus plague, as individuals connect online with our live broadcast from around the world. We have recorded 6 cases in Nigeria alone with 2 medical doctor, 4 from US, 7 from UK, 4 from Canada, 3 from Germany, 1 from Russian and Italy, etc. This is the doing of the Lord and all the glory goes to our great physician, Jesus Christ.

Endeavour to be online with our live broadcast.

Jesus is Lord!

Bishop David Oyedepo

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