35-year-old murder suspect, Stephen Anona, who gruesomely murdered his friend, Daniel Bassey Solomon, and cut his body into smaller parts for easy disposal, has been sentenced to death by hanging in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
He was sentenced, today, at a High Court sitting in Uyo. Anona, from Njikoka in Anambra State, slaughtered Solomon, a barber, for allegedly not paying back a debt of N750,000 owed him (Anona). .
In 2015, the convict had lured his victim into his one room apartment and gave him some poisoned food which made him fall into a deep sleep. .
He then used a sharp machete to cut off his head, severe his legs, hands and the abdomen, and carefully packed them into different bags and secretly dumped them inside gutters and other places.

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